Safety & Conservation


  • Your safety is YOUR responsibility
  • NO recreational SWIMMING in lake.
  • NO boats operated without LIFE JACKETS.
  • Only anglers on Bass Boats with Foot control trolling motors are allowed without life jackets.
  • NO wandering around at night without a HEADLAMP.
  • All children under 10 years to wear a life jacket when fishing for Bass from the bank.
  • ALL children to be under adult supervision. No exceptions.
  • All anglers to have a BASIC FIRST-AID KIT, with plasters antiseptic and bandages.


  • Anglers to leave the venue in a better condition as they found it.
  • NO litter, including cigarette butts, to be left on the grounds or in the dam.
  • NO SMOKING inside the Wendy Huts!
  • Litter to be taken home with you.
  • No Trees or vegetation to be cut of or broken. Please advise Management who will take care of it if it is a hindrance or problem.
  • No Birdlife or Rabbits to be disturbed, hurt or killed.
  • No stalking allowed at Aqua due to the presence for snags and chance fish can get snagged up.