• Your safety is YOUR responsibility
  • NO recreational SWIMMING in lake.
  • NO boats operated without LIFE JACKETS.
  • NO wandering around at night without a HEADLAMP.
  • All anglers to have a BASIC FIRST-AID KIT, with plasters antiseptic and bandages.


  • Anglers to leave the venue in a better CONDITION than it was found in.
  • NO litter, including cigarette butts, to be left on the grounds or in the dam.
  • LITTER and garbage must discarded of in a suitable location.
  • No trees or vegetation to be cut, broken or disturbed.



  • No Fish to be killed.
  • No Target species Fish to be removed.
  • Species to be removed must be placed in holding tanks provided.
  • No boats longer than 3.2m to be used, and only electric motors to be used.
  • No fishing, or boating in the conservation area.
  • Absolutely No Jigging or foul-hooking of fish.
  • Max 4 rods per angler, or 4 rods per swim.
  • No venturing into another angler’s swim (Only fish in your DEMARCATED swim), unless you have permission from your nabour when playing a fish.
  • Rods must NEVER be unattended. Should you need to go to the toilet, please ensure you have someone watching your rods during your absence from your swim. Should you need to go to the shop, you should reel in your lines and re-place them when you are back.
  • Line BREAK-OFFs to be reported. Please prevent this by going out with your boat and try and minimize any break-offs.
  • ALL catches must be photographed and reported for identification purposes.
  • ALL anglers to complete online CATCH-REPORT, within 48-hours of the session.

Carp Safety

  • All Landing Nets, Sacks and unhooking mats to be disinfected upon arrival at the venue. 2 Flow-Bins will be placed next to the ablution facility on the East side of the lake (Main Reef side) with one bin being the dip bin (Carp safety materials to be dipped for 10 minutes) and the other a rinsing bin (once dipped and quick rinse and you are ready to fish).
  • Large knotless net and unhooking mat being present at all times.
  • ALL unhooking items to be wet with new water when handling carp.
  • All photos to be taken over an unhooking mat, cradle, or in water.
  • Slings must be ZIPPED-UP when carrying carp around.
  • No sacking of fish longer than 4 hours.
  • Fish to be RELEASED carefully as soon as possible.


  • Only carp SAFE tackle and end-tackle to be used.
  • Only micro-barb or barbless hooks to be used.
  • NO fixed lead systems to be used.
  • Only safety lead clips to be used.
  • Minimum 3.5 Oz leads to be used.
  • NO Monofilament under 14lb to be used on this water.
  • NO Braided main line allowed at all.
  • Snag leader of 0.45mm (24lb or more) of at least 30ft in length to be used. Again NO braided line.


  • Boilie and pellet baits are preferred for the welfare of our Carp population.
  • Boilies with 20% + Protein value to be used. No restriction on quantity.
  • Only Pellets from a recognized aquaculture feed manufacturer. No restriction on quantity.
  • NO ‘Rabbit Pellets’ or ‘Dog Pellets’
  • ONLY PROPERLY Prepared particles.
  • NO Peanuts to be used.
  • MAX 5kg Cooked maize allowed per session.
  • MAX 5kg Hemp per peg per session.
  • MAX 1kg Cooked Tigernuts allowed per session.
  • MAX 1kg of any other cooked particles such as Maple Peas etc. allowed.
  • NO ‘Experimental’ Baits.
  • NO sour baits.
  • NO Artificially preserved and flavoured Tiger nuts, Maize etc. allowed. You are allowed to flavour your cooked particles, but NO preserved particles allowed.


  • Camping only allowed in pre-booked DESIGNATED AREAS.
  • MAX 2 people per swim (Angling) – children under 14 excluded.
  • Use only the assigned ABLUTIONS or portable toilets.
  • NO unruly behaviour or fighting.
  • Non-fishing VISITORS only allowed by appointment, between 08:00 and 18:00
  • Fires only in provided FIREPLACES.
  • NO unattended fires.
  • NO unattended Rods allowed.
  • NO loud music etc.
  • No alcohol ABUSE will be allowed.
  • Non-members are NOT allowed to fish on their own on a swim. Non-members MUST be accompanied by a Member al all time.


Please note that any person found to have broken the above rules, will be asked to leave the premises immediately, and will be forbidden to return, with membership forfeit.