Carp Angling

Annual Membership Fee R2500.00 Main Member Fee
Member Weekend Fishing/ With or without spouse R300.00 Friday 12h00 to Sunday 11h45
Member Week Fishing  – Day only R100.00 Spouse or Member Joining on  same Peg N/C
Member Week Fishing / With or without Spouse R400.00 Monday 12h00 to Friday 11h45
Non-Member joining member on same peg R400.00 Per Night or R 800 for weekend – No more than 2 adults and 2 Children per peg
Child under 12 Free On same Peg
Day visitors (Max 3 per booked swim) R100 per person On same Peg
Member 24 Hour Weekday/night session R100.00 Any 24 hours from Sunday evening to Friday11h45, provided that the particular swim is not booked by someone else.
Spouse 24 Hour Weekday/night session R0.00 Joining on same Peg


  • Spouses and Children under 12 included in membership fees
  • A Non-member can never occupy a swim on his own and MUST be accompanied by a member at all times. This is for the safety of
    our fish and this rule cannot be bent. There could be Overseas anglers visiting our venue from time to time, but their visits will fit into
    our schedule and they will be accompanied by either one of the Management staff or a member, but never on their own.
  • Week fishing or overlapping sessions where angler books to fish on a weekend, but wants to continue fishing until Monday, Tuesday
    or even longer, will need to make 2 bookings. One booking for the weekend and one booking for the session in the week. If a prior
    week day/days booking on the exact swim booking by someone else have already been made, the angler will either have to continue
    his session on another swim all together or book a swim with no other week bookings.

Bass Angling

Annual Day Membership Fee R2000.00 Main Member Fee
Annual Camping Membership Fee R2500.00 Main Member Fee
Member Fishing Per Day R100.00 Single day Monday – Thursday
Member Fishing Half Day R75.00 Single day 06h00 to 12h00 or 12h00 to 18h00
Member Fishing Weekend R150 Friday to Sunday
Non-Member fishing with member R250.00 Single day Monday -Thursday
Child under 12 Free Must be accompanied by adult 


  • Spouses and Children under 12 included in membership fees
  • We will allow Bass Boats, Inflatables and Kick-Boats on the water, but please take note that petrol motors are not allowed to run on the water. The use of Trolling motors are compulsory when using Bass boats.