Bait & Tackle


  • Only carp SAFE tackle and end-tackle to be used.
  • Only micro-barb or barbless hooks to be used.
  • NO fixed lead systems to be used.
  • Only safety lead clips to be used.
  • Minimum 3.5 Oz leads to be used.
  • NO Monofilament under 14lb to be used on this water.
  • NO Braided main line allowed at all.
  • Snag leader of 0.45mm (24lb or more) of at least 30ft in length to be used. Again NO braided line.


  • Boilie and pellet baits are preferred for the welfare of our Carp population.
  • Boilies with 20% + Protein value to be used. No restriction on quantity.
  • Only Pellets from a recognized aquaculture feed manufacturer. No restriction on quantity.
  • NO ‘Rabbit Pellets’ or ‘Dog Pellets’
  • ONLY PROPERLY Prepared particles.
  • NO Peanuts to be used.
  • MAX 5kg Cooked maize allowed per session.
  • MAX 5kg Hemp per peg per session.
  • MAX 1kg Cooked Tigernuts allowed per session.
  • MAX 1kg of any other cooked particles such as Maple Peas etc. allowed.
  • NO ‘Experimental’ Baits.
  • NO sour baits.
  • NO Artificially preserved and flavoured Tiger nuts, Maize etc. allowed. You are allowed to flavour your cooked particles, but NO preserved particles allowed.