Bait & Tackle


  • Only Carp Safe tackle and end tackle to be used.
  • Only barbless hooks to be used.
  • No Fixed-Lead systems to be used.
  • Only Safety Clip or Heli-Safe type systems to be used where the lead can be discharged on the take.
  • Leads used on the Safety clip systems should be at least 3.5oz whereas leads fished drop-off, in-line style or via heli-safe can be less.
  • NO Monofilament under 14lb to be used. Due to the clarity of the water it is preferred that Fluorocarbon of at least 16-20lb be used to
    increase your chances of success.
  • No Braided mainline or Braided leaders allowed.
  • Snag leaders to be 0.45mm or more and be at least 4ft longer than the
    deepest water you are fishing in. AGAIN, NO BRAIDED LINES!!!


  • Boilie and Pellet baits are preferred for the welfare of our Carp Population.
  • Boilies with a minimum of 20% Protein level to be used. No restriction on quantity.
  • Only Pellets from recognized aquaculture feed manufacturers allowed. No restriction on quantity.
  • ONLY properly cooked particles allowed. Maize must be split open.
  • NO Peanuts allowed.
  • There will be no restriction on the amount of maize, hemp, buckwheat or Chick Peas, but keep Tigers to a minimum as it does not offer much nutrition to the fish.
  • No Experimental Baits allowed. Baits used must be tried and tested before fishing the venue.
  • No sour or off baits allowed. The fish’s safety must be our ONLY concern.
  • No artificially preserved and flavoured tiger Nuts/Maize/Chickpeas etc. to be used for feeding. You can use them as hook baits ONLY.