About Us

Our vision at Aqua Paradiso is to provide dedicated Carp Anglers the opportunity to fish the safest Specimen Carp Venue in South Africa for the best looking Mirror and Common Carp South of the Equator. At over 800m long and on average of 150m wide with loads of snags, gravel plateaus, terraces and depths that varies between 1 and 28m and on top of everything crystal clear water fed by an underground spring and topped up with occasional rain water, we truly have a Paradise in the city.

Now, NO water is interesting to the devoted Carp Angler without some good looking Specimens to target, and here we have just the place. On our fist excursion to this amazing place we had no less than 13 runs for the weekend topped with 11 Mirrors all above 11kg and topped by a fish of 15kg. Quinton Louw and I then decided to try zigs and landed fish up to 12.95kg on 4-7ft zigs.

On our second trip we again managed some real stunners, but the snags got the better of us and we lost more fish than we managed to land, but still landed 7 great looking fish topped by a dark mirror of 14.90kg.

As I mentioned this venue is home for some really good looking Bass too, so we decided to run a separate Bass syndicate on this venue also which will be overseen by The Bass Angler. We are currently removing some excess snags from the affected swims before we can start building the platforms for the swims. We currently have 9 wooden huts as accommodation on 9 out of 12 swims.  Swims 10-12 is still being constructed with loads more trees to be removed from the lake.


Each of our Wooden Huts have 2 beds, most with memory foam mattresses, mattress protectors and fitted sheets (freshly fitted the evening before occupation).  All you need to bring with is your bedding and pillow.

Our current membership of 70 are being increased until we reach saturation point. This will be communicated as soon as we reach the point.

The venue is being managed by Fresh Water Management SA and the team consists of Gilbert Foxcroft and Chris Green with Quintin Louw and Mark Roberts our Syndicate Amabassadors.  We are also proud to have The Carp Angler Magazine as our Media Partners.  Gilbert Foxcroft is in charge of General management of the syndicate, bookings, website updates, sourcing and seminars and Chris is in charge of Construction, bailiff functions and development.

The venue will officially open on 1 September 2017 with the promise of some spectacular catches to be made. During its first year many prized captures were made with the current lake record at 15,80 kg not even coming close to the biggest fish we have seen on a few occasions.  The removal of the serious snags will open up more areas to target the elusive monsters.

We do not have enough safe and peaceful fishing venues in SA, not to mention within safe driving range inside Gauteng. This venue provides just that:

The venue has strict access control with 24 hour security, surrounded by 16ft walls with barb-wire fence

The venue proudly offer 9 wooden huts on 9 of the 12 swims (swims 10-12 currently under construction and will be regarded as bivvy swims for a period of time.

The syndicate area has flush toilets (linked with the municipality sewer line) and a hot shower for weekend Carpers and day visitors.

Members can make a booking for a particular swim as first preference and second preference and submit.  The member will then receive a notification confirming the booking. Once booking is confirmed, the member will make an online payment and as soon as payment is received, the member details will be added to the allowed visitor’s list at the main gate.

The venue has strict Access control, so NO unauthorized visitors will be allowed access. No booking, no access.
As the venue is developed, we will show you more of this fantastic Paradise in our City.